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West of Trail


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Sarasota's West of the Trail real estate is one of the hottest areas because of it's close proximity to downtown Sarasota and the beaches.

Consisting primarily of luxury homes, West of Trail continues to experience a boom in infill housing, where older cottages and ranches are being torn down for new luxury construction.

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West of Trail Sarasota Homes for Sale

West of Trail is arguably one of the hottest and most prestigious real estate locations in Sarasota.  Being West of the Trail means being just minutes to downtown and your choice of Lido or Siesta Key beaches.  Living West of the Trail also means you are just a short distance to Southside Village, with unique and local shops and restaurants.  A drive through the West of Trail area will show a lot of infill, luxury homes being built among more historic ranch and bungalow style homes.  Sarasota Memorial is right on the midst of the West of Trail area.

The West of Trail area is made up of several smaller neighborhoods.


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How far is the West of Trail area to the nearest beach?

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