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Property Taxes


Learn more about Sarasota FL property taxes.

Get answers to your frequently asked Sarasota property tax questions.


Sarasota County property taxes are paid in arrears.  Tax bills are sent out the first week of November each year.

Tax bill market values have no relation to real estate market values.  Taxable market value or "just" value resets to the last sales price, the year following a sale and change of ownership. 


If your property has a homestead exemption, the taxable value of you home will be reduced by $50,000 each year.  The taxable value is also capped at 3% per year maximum, under the Florida Save Our Homes Act.

Learn more about CDD fees here.

Sarasota FL property tax bill

Sarasota County Property Appraiser : 

Sarasota versus Manatee County Taxes

A recent article in The Observer researched two homes with the same property value on Longboat Key.  Residents in Manatee County pay $2.5 milion more in property taxes each year. 


The difference is that Sarasota bases it's tax code on assessments, or bills for public works and infrastructure each year.  Manatee County is based on an ad-valorem model, meaning each home is taxed at the same rate whether projects are planned or not.  Read the article here.

Sarasota vs Manatee County property taxes

Estimate your Sarasota County property tax : 


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