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Instant Offers on Homes | Sarasota FL | David Barr Realtor

This busy real estate market is attracting companies promoting instant offers and low fees. Don't be fooled by their omission of facts.

  • They say: "You won't be inconvenienced by showings". FACT: You won't be inundated with requests to show your home for weeks and weeks, because homes are selling quickly due to historic high demand;

Instant offers?  Get a 2nd opinion from a Realtor
Instant offers? Get a 2nd opinion from a Realtor

  • They say: "You'll get a fair offer". FACT: Homes are selling for record prices. One of my clients bought a For Sale By Owner from a neighbor. The seller wanted to save money without using a Realtor, claiming they knew what their property was worth. The sales price was at least $70,000 below market value. Sales costs using a Realtor would have been approximately $12,000;

  • They say: "You don't have to make repairs". FACT: My client purchased this home as-is, with no repairs required.

Anyone can read a list of prices for just sold homes and give you an offer. Experienced Realtors understand the market forces driving record demand, and will be the best qualified to put the most money in your pocket at closing.

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