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Hurricane Dorian | Sarasota FL | David Barr Realtor

At most I believe #HurricaneDorian will bring an extended period of tropical storm force winds to the #Sarasota and #Venice FL area.

Would I put up hurricane shutters on my home? No. Would I bring in patio furniture? Yes.

I evacuated during Hurricane Irma in 2017, and it was not a fun trip. I spent 2 nights in my car because hotels were full, and there was little to no gas or food in FL or GA.

It's a good idea to fill your car with gas, not necessarily to evacuate (which I will never do again), but in case we lose power for a couple of days and the pumps don't work. During Irma, it wasn't storm damage from wind that was the problem, it was restoring electric and water service that was out for 3 to 5 days. The stores will be sold out, so make sure you have enough drinking water.

Visit to map your home's flood zone and get Sarasota County evacuation routes.

FEMA flood zone designations
FEMA flood zone designations

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