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I Trust You

Today in our sales meeting, a lot of time was devoted to qualifying our client's ability to buy or sell real estate, especially among high net worth individuals.

The advice we were given was to ask our clients for proof of funds before showing luxury properties, and go even further by asking clients for permission for a credit check to verify there are funds available for purchase.

I've worked with affluent clients for years, and this advice struck the wrong chord with me. I will never badger you for this kind of information. I won't ask you for proof of funds (such as bank or brokerage statement) before showing you property. I know affluent clients don't take time out of their busy schedules to have me drive them around aimlessly.

If you do plan on making an offer during your visit here, you will have to have funds documentation for the property seller, to include with your offer. I suggest a letter from your brokerage account manager stating you have funds available for your Sarasota or Lakewood Ranch real estate purchase.

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