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After potentially catastrophic structural cracks were discovered in Dolphin Tower, the building has undergone a complete renovation.

In effect, this is a completely new building, and most if not all units have been renovated.


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Dolphin Tower Sarasota condos for sale

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Dolphin Tower Sarasota Condos for Sale

You may have read about Dolphin Tower's structural issues and building evacuation in 2015.  Several stress fractures of floors and support piers were found and a building collapse could have occurred.

Major repairs have been completed and the building has received it's certificate of occupancy.  Most if not all of Dolphin Tower's condos have been renovated and updated to the latest building codes, including hurricane resistant windows, sliding doors, and roofing.

Dolphin Bay provides fantastic views of Sarasota Bay and the downtown skyline.

Dolphin Tower demographics:

Dolphin Tower Sarasota demographics

How far is Dolphin Tower to the nearest beach?

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